Four wheels to the body two wheels for the soul!


The founders, the owners and all employees of are... bikers (without this, they would not be the members of the Team). With a lot of experiences and routine (more than 1 million kilometers on bikes combined).

For us, being on vacation without a motorcycle is out of question. Active holiday? A 24 hour performance riding. Passive holiday? Cruising around with friends under the sun.

Our goal is that You, Our Furture Biker Friend can have the same experiences and feel, what the best hobby on earth is about.

We are at your service. You can count on us if you...

...want a new experience in motorcycle riding (You never rode the best touring enduro? Try the BMW 1200 GS now! Test it with us and find it out yourself!),

...would you join your friends’ motorcycle tour (But you do not want to change your everyday low ccm commutern bike (Friend) and you would like to carry your girlfriend/wife and clothes for two weeks), are in the mood of taking a big motorcycle ride (but presently there is no bike in the garage),

in any other cases if you need good touring partners and the best routes, or your bike needs transport.

Nobody is perfect, neither we are, but we would like to develop ourselves.
Please, feedback us, it is no matter which of our services you ordered.
Thank you in advance, have a safe and enjoyable ride!
The Team


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Monday - Friday: 9-17 h

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Call us now! +36 70 219 7959