Q&A section

What is included in the rental fee?

  • The rental fee of our motorcycles includes the following:
  • The chosen motorcycle with unlimited mileage
  • Hungarian highway ticket
  • Free of charge riding gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, pants and boots), please be aware that we might not have the size you need
  • Third-party and CASCO (comprehensive) insurance for the whole European Union
  • Free of charge usage of the side panniers and top case, if they are available for the chosen motorcycle
  • Built-in USB charger
  • Phone holder



What is not included in the rental fee?

  • Gas price
  • Highway tickets out of Hungary
  • Accident and luggage insurance
  • Traffic ticket fines and penalties



How does the security deposit (credit card authorization) work?

  • Depending on which motorcycle you choose, the amount of the deposit is between 600 and 1300 EUR. 
  • You can leave the deposit in cash, or it will be deducted (preauthorized) against the available balance of your credit or debit card at the pick-up.
  • Once you return the motorcycle and all the accessories and gear free of damage, the security deposit will be handed back or released.



Which countries can I visit with a motorcycle rented from Moto24.hu?

  • Each country of the European Union.
  • Countries of the Balkan region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, European part of Turkey).



What CASCO insurance covers?

  • CASCO insurance is for cases when the damage on the bike is made by the driver (our lessee) and not a third party (such like scratches, broken/damaged/lost accessories, gear or motoparts).
  • In each case, the lessee is responsible for the damage up to the limit of the security deposit, never more.
  • CASCO also covers damages from theft.
  • PLEASE BE AWARE, that CASCO does NOT cover, and you are fully responsible for all damages when you violate the rental contract (e.g. you drive under the influence of alcohol/drogs/pills, you go offroad riding or race, or you enter prohibited regions, etc.).



How does Moto24.hu calculate rental days?

  • One rental day means 24 hours (e.g. from Monday 9 AM till Tuesday 9 AM).
  • Overtime charges are calculated if you pass the 24h time limit.
  • On weekends Moto24.hu accepts only two day rentals. You can pick up Your motorcycle on Friday from 02.00 PM and drop it off from 10.00 AM on Mondays. In this case you will pay the same two day price. In both cases take care of the proper booking times!



What happens if I am running late past my scheduled drop-off time?

  • If you are late 0-6 hours, you’ll by charged by a half day overtime fee.
  • If you are late by more than 6 hours, you’ll be charged by an additional daily fee.
  • If because of your being late the next lesee cancels his order, the rental fee of the cancelled order will be withdrawn from your deposit



What are the requirements to rent a motorcycle at Moto24.hu?

  • To rent most of the bikes you’ll need a valid, unlimited motorcycle license.
  • To rent the BMW G300R you must have a valid A2 type motorcycle license.
  • In each case there must be a valid ID card or passport.



Can I store my luggage at your rental location on during my trip?

  • Yes, you absolutely can. Your luggage will be safe in our office while you are riding.



A group of 2 or more people rented motorcycles from Moto24. Is it allowed to switch motorcycles during our trip?

  • Absolutely, you can test all the bikes your group has rented.



How does Moto24.hu’s cancelation policy works?

  • We consider ourselves a very flexible company, therefore we try to make everything that your rental could be moved to another period in case of bad weather, cancelled flight, illness, etc. To change your rental period once is free of charge.
  • In case, you want to fully cancel your rental or you need to reschedule more than once, the 30% prepayment (advance) fee will be considered as a cancelation fee.
  • In case the whole rental fee was payed beforehand, the amount above the cancelation fee will be transferred back to you (minus the transfer costs).